The New Move Of God Pentecostal Church

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Prayer Requests


over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
My friend is paranoid and delusional. She is a trauma survivor and may be schizophrenic. She has been meddling with new age things, buddhism, the secret, and angel cards. She talks about magic and hexes. Please pray.


over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
My friend has been dabbling in the occult and is very paranoid. Please pray.


over a year ago by SANTIAGO GOMEZ Pray for me
PRAYER REQUEST RESTAURATION FAMILY Prayer Request Restauration Family, For my mother, finds his lost family was given up for adoption at birth .---- Prayer Request Restauration Family, Finding lost sister, submitted for adoption at birth order .----- Prayer Request Restauration, Elenita TARRAGA. Reunited with his biological mother, was given up for adoption at birth, emotional healing on your life


over a year ago by CLAUDIO Pray for me
ORDER ORACION.Restauraci?n emotional and family on the De Dora Gomez, Jimena A. T?rraga S. Osvaldo Flores, Gladis B. T?rraga Elio Cano Asuncion Garcia, Maria A. Fernandez of life, Noemi Fernandez, Maria C. Gomez, Patricia E. Rioja, Patricia Fernandez, Rosa Diaz, Veronica Gil, Noelia Gil, Bernardo Torres, Maria I Velazquez, Liliana Ramirez, Zulema Ramirez, Julian Ramirez, Monica Bazan, Daniela Velazquez, Miguel A. Benitez, Alanis Vidal Isabel Velazquez, Graciela Parodi, Hugo F. Elias, Iliana M. Zanelli, Moreti Fernanda Zanelli, Cecilia Tocto, Francisca Z. Bautista and his sons, Elenita T?rraga Sonia Leano, Federico Araos, Sandra Bravo, Alberto Lopez; Raull Pereyra, Monica Guaymas, Graciela E. Parodi, Jesus N. Guaymas, Carlos Tolaba, Andrea M. Zanelli, Lumena B. Guaymas, Susana Cruz, Delia Guittian, Monica Guittian, Miguel A. Herrera, Maximiliano Cordoba, Cordoba Florence.


over a year ago by claudio Pray for me
Prayer-order my finances, opening of economic and financial resources, new job opportunities and business, cancellation of debts prayer request FInanzas-- Graciela E.Parodi. Sale of business for the right price .-- Prayer Request Finance, by my friend Monica Guaymas., Opening new jobs and business opportunities, debt cancellation, resolve study costs outside his son Nicholas. Order --- Patricia E.Rioja prayer, opening new business opportunities and jobs for cancellation of debts and commitments., Prayer Request finances Francisca Bautista Zalazar Opening of new job opportunities and business, debt cancellation., Request prayer Finanzas.- Collection wage differentials are due Checkout prayer Finance Opening of new job opportunities and business. Mauro Herrera, Ramiro Herrera, Mauricio Herrera, Fernando Herrera, Miguel Herrera, Delia Guittian., Prayer request Graciela E. Parodi, job opening, business opportunities, debt cancellation of commitments acquired